For a stronger

Mikki Murray
for MN Senate

Senate District 66

Proud to be Republican endorsed.

My fellow Minnesotans,
The solutions we need to fix problems and prepare for our future exist NOW. We CAN and MUST, work together. It is possible!


Our state history includes some of the best business, employment, and educational opportunities in the nation. We have much work to do, but we can be there again. Let's reach solutions together.

Join me for a stronger Minnesota!

Why Mikki

My Background

I grew up in a single parent, multi-generation household. My mother died in a car crash when I was young and my grandmother moved in afterward. Like many others, we moved to Minnesota when my father got a job here. We lived in Golden Valley. I graduated from Armstrong High School in Plymouth. After earning a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University in Illinois, I returned to MN.

With a few exceptions, I've worked primarily in telecommunications -- "Ma Bell" and other companies. I've held positions in engineering, operations, and sales. I'm an active member of The Holy Christian Church in St Paul where I'm privileged to serve as a Deaconess. I live in St. Paul's North End Neighborhood and serve on the Land Use, Transportation, and Housing Committee of the District 6 Council. I've lived in St. Paul for about 8 years. I'm single with no children.

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​For our ECONOMY:

  • Lower taxes.

  • Invest in infrastructure.

  • Reduce incentives to not work.

For our SAFETY:

  • Reduce violent crime.

  • Hold criminals accountable.

  • Full hires for law enforcement.

For our FUTURE:

  • Expand school choice.

  • Reward schools for improved student outcomes.

  • Add the Trades, Home Ec, and Civics in our schools.

  • Invest in mental health care and interventions.

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